Plumas Lake Elementary School District

Cash Deposits

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A school food service worker will count the money received and verify with daily sales.  The deposit is then logged with the Site Secretary and placed in the safe in the front office.  The deposits are picked up by the Designated Employee and taken to the bank weekly. The day the Designated Employee will pick up and deposit the money will vary each week due to safety concerns. 

Charged Meals

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We are here to feed hungry students and we strongly disagree with turning students away.  We do not encourage students to charge meals but will allow elementary students five (5) charges.  After five (5) charges have been made, the cafeteria staff will send home a notice via the classroom teacher.  A la Carte items may not be charged.  These items would be removed from the tray and a student will be offered to purchase or charge a meal.  At the end of each month a negative balance report is sent to the Food Service Office for overview.  At this time the Director or personnel assigned will make further phone calls and letters will be sent home advising the parents of outstanding charges.  Decisions will be made based on each individual situation regarding the collection of charges.  At the end of the year, a report is given to the school principles of any remaining outstanding charges.  The school site may or may not hold report cards or not allow field trips to students with outstanding charges.
Field Trips

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Schools can request sack lunches for field trips or any off campus event by using the form below.  If possible, students will come to the cafeteria and pick up their sack lunch.  However, if this option is not possible, a student list is used to check off students that receive a sack lunch including milk at the field trip location. This list is then returned to the cafeteria and the lunches are entered into the computer.  Meals are accounted for in the student's account using their name and assigned homeroom number. Please see FMOT for more Field Trip information.


Outside Food- Storing and Serving Non-cafeteria Food

Outside Food- Storing and Serving Non-cafeteria Foodtitle

Food not purchased by the Hot Lunch Program may not be stored in the cafeteria due to health code regulations.  The Cafeteria participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program and is monitored by the State Department and the County of Yuba. 

Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications

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Applications for Free and Reduced Price Meals are included in the new student enrollment and back-to-school packets. Applications for free and reduced priced meals are also available at the district and school offices at any time during the year. Completed applications are sent directly to the Nutrition Service Department. Eligibility is determined and a letter is generated to inform the parent or parents of their student's eligibility status.  The information is entered and transferred to the school sites each morning via the network.  This is also true with the verification process.  If a status changes due to verification, changes will be communicated via the network and to the cashier.
Free and Reduced Application