Plumas Lake Elementary School District

Field Trips

Field Trips

Please see your site secretary at least 1 month prior to planning a field trip so you can pick up a field trip package and have time to make all of the arrangements required.
Please follow all the steps in the package step by step.


Vehicle Request Form

Bus Transportation

Bus Transportationtitle

PLUSD provides bussing at a low cost charge for students who live within district boundaries and more than ¾ of a mile from school for grade kinder through 5th grade and 1 mile distance for 6th - 8th grades (safety issues can affect this mileage limit). Behavior standards are distributed to students at the beginning of the year. Any student who does not follow the behavior standards can receive a referral. Principals are responsible for the discipline connected to the referral. You can find a Bus application as well as a current Bus Schedule on-line under transportation.

Classroom Access

Classroom Access title

All four of our sites have alarms. This will be the first year that teachers and staff will be assigned alarm codes if they request one. Each school will need to develop procedures to ensure that false alarms are kept to a minimum. Please make sure you have been trained in using the alarm and the school procedures. School sites will be charged for false alarms after training. To request an alarm code please notify your principal.

Classroom Pets

Classroom Pets title

In accordance with Board policy, a teacher or student may bring an animal into the classroom for instructional purposes with prior approval of the principal or designee. When a parent/guardian has provided notification that his/her child has an allergy, asthma, or health condition that may be affected by the animal, the teacher shall remove the animal from the classroom or provide an alternative instructional activity for the student as appropriate.

All animals brought to school must be in good physical condition and appropriately immunized. The teacher shall ensure that the species of animal is appropriate for the instructional purpose and age and maturity of the students.

All animals, with the exception of service animals, are prohibited on school transportation vehicles.

All animals shall be humanely and properly housed in cages or containers specific for the species or otherwise appropriately controlled. The teacher shall also ensure that cages and containers are cleaned regularly and that waste materials are removed and disposed of in an appropriate manner. If the animal is to remain in the classroom longer than one day, the teacher shall be responsible for care and maintenance of the animal and ensure proper care when school is not in session, such as weekends, vacations, and holidays.

Work Orders and Safety Inspections

Work Orders and Safety Inspectionstitle

Each month the day custodian at each site does a safety inspection of the site. The Safety Inspection Report must be submitted to the Director of FMOT by the Friday of the first full week of the month. If other staff members see safety issues or things that need to be repaired please inform the day custodian. The day custodian will determine if he/she can fix the issue or if a work order needs to be completed. Work orders are completed by the day custodian, signed by principals and submitted to the Director of FMOT.


Safety Inspection Report

Work Order Form

Cleaning Schedules

Cleaning Schedules title

The Director of FMOT has developed a cleaning schedule for all of our sites. All classrooms are cleaned daily. Sinks and doorknobs are cleaned with disinfectant everyday to deter the spread of viruses.
Facilities Use

Facilities Usetitle

Outside groups are allowed to use our district facilities. They must complete a Use of Facilities form. These forms must be forwarded to the Director of FMOT for approval. The district requires outside groups to have liability insurance. Fees are charged based upon School Board Policy.
Facilities Use Application