Plumas Lake Elementary School District


Assessments title

PLESD believes in using multiple assessments to determine how students are performing and how to best meet the needs of our students. There are three levels to these assessments.


The State of California mandates that all students in 2nd - 8th grade take a State Assessment each year through the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program. For almost all of our students they will take the California Standards Tests (CST). Fourth and seventh grade students also take the California Writing test. A limited number of students who qualify for Special Education are eligible to take alternative assessments, the California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) or the California Modified Assessment (CMA). Please see the assessment calendar for the dates.

Assessment Calendar



The district will mandate that all students take a district assessment in English Language Arts and Math each year. At this time because of the ongoing mathematics adoption, only 6 - 8th grade students will need to take the math assessments each trimester. All 1s t - 8th grade students will take the Houghton Mifflin California Summative tests each trimester. There will be a 2 week window that students may take the test each trimester to best allow the teachers flexibility in planning and implementing their curriculum. The results must be entered into the Edusoft program by the last day of the 2 week window. The 2009-2010


ELA assessment dates are:

Trimester 1- 10/26-11/6

Trimester 2- 2/22- 3/5

Trimester 3- 5/17-5/28


The results of these assessments will be used by teachers, grade level teams, and administration to best develop an academic program for our students. It will be an expectation that sites hold data meetings to analyze successes and areas of improvement.

Assessment Calendar


It is expected that teachers use multiple assessments on a regular basis to continually monitor the progress of their students. These assessments can be textbook created or teacher created.  

Curriculum Textbooks

Curriculum Textbookstitle

The following curriculum has been adopted by the district:


·         Mathematics

o   K – 5 Math Learning Center; Bridges Mathematics, (Adopted 2016)

o   6 – 8 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Big Ideas, (Adopted 2016)


·         Science –

o   K – 5 McGraw Hill, CA Science (Adopted 2007)

o   6 – 8 McDougal Littell, CA Middle School Science Series (Adopted 2007)


·         History-Social Science

o   K,1 & 5 Houghton Mifflin (Adopted 2006)

o   2 – 4 McGraw Hill, California Vistas (Adopted 2006)

o   6 – 8 McDougal Littell, CA Middle School Social Studies Series (Adopted 2006)


·         English/Language Arts

o   K – 5 McGraw Hill, Treasures (Adopted 2011)

o   6 – 8 Holt, Literature and Language Arts (Adopted 2012)