Plumas Lake Elementary School District

Riverside Meadows Chromebook Contract

Riverside Meadows Chromebook Contract title

A district-owned Chromebook and district-managed online accounts are made available to students enrolled in the Plumas Lake Elementary School District (PLESD). Students and parents acknowledge that the Chromebook is the property of PLESD, and is intended for educational purposes while the student is enrolled in PLESD. If student leaves PLESD, or at the request of school staff, the Chromebook will be returned immediately in good condition. Student and parent are responsible for the safe and appropriate operation of the chromebook, including, but not limited to, the expectations listed below:
1. The chromebook is to be used for educational purposes.
2. Chromebook is to be brought to school daily, fully charged, and ready to use. Students understand that they are responsible for the safe transporting, storage, and working order of the Chromebook. Chromebooks may be taken home and to other locations outside of school hours, but student is responsible at all times for the care and appropriate use of the Chromebook.

3. Students and parents acknowledge that PLESD provides internet content filtering on the Chromebooks as per federal laws (CIPA). Parents understand that content filtering does not guarantee that all inappropriate content will be made inaccessible, and that students are expected to avoid inappropriate content and will not attempt to bypass the content filter in any way. Any issues with content filtering should be reported to school staff immediately.

4. Students will abide by the established rules at each school site and the Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement.

5. Students may personalize their Chromebook for the purpose of easy identification, as long as any stickers, labels, or other identifying features are school appropriate, and can be removed easily.

6. Students will immediately report any malfunctions, damage, or loss of Chromebook (or the charger) to the appropriate staff member at their school.

7. Students and parents will make no attempts to repair the Chromebook.

8. Students will make no attempts, without permission from school staff, to load software or modify Chromebook operating systems. Chromebooks will be managed as needed by school staff and the PLESD Technology department.

9. Only the assigned student will operate the chromebook. The student will not give his/her password to any other person. The student is ultimately responsible for all material accessed and/or transmitted.
10. The student and parents accept full responsibility for the return of the chromebook in good condition at the end of their middle school career, or upon disenrolling or transferring out of the PLESD district, or immediately upon request by school staff.
11. Willful, malicious, or negligent damage to any part of the chromebook or charger could result in a removal of privileges, disciplinary action and/or financial charges to parents for the repairs and/or replacement cost of the chromebook or charger. These damages include, but are not limited to, physical damage and/or unauthorized alterations to the chromebook, attempts to destroy data of other users or the network, and the uploading or creation of computer viruses.

12. The student and parent/guardian will be held financially liable for the loss or theft of the chromebook and charger. The replacement cost of the chromebook the first year is $250, depreciating $50/year. The replacement cost of the chromebook charger is $30. All financial obligations must be taken care of prior to the end of the school year. Failure to discharge any financial obligation may result in a hold being placed upon report cards, transcripts, or the transfer of records. Failure to honor financial obligations may also lead to loss of privileges for school-sponsored extracurricular events.

13. Parents may choose to purchase protection plan for the chromebook. The protection plan would cover the cost of the chromebook in the event of damage or theft. Please go to the district website at , select “RSM Chromebook Initiative” located at the right  side of the page, and then select the “Protection Plan” link. (

14. Parent/guardian will monitor use of the chromebook, including E-mail, and Internet privileges outside of the school hours.

15. Consequences for failure to abide by the terms of the contract (inappropriate use) may include one or more of the following, and will depend on the frequency and severity of incidents involving Chromebooks and other technology-related violations:
Parents contacted, Meet with Principal/Assistant Principal, Loss of use of chromebook at home, Conference with parents and school admin team, Loss of use of chromebook at school.