Plumas Lake Elementary School District

There are currently three different models of Chromebooks being used for the 1:1 initiative at Riverside Meadows Intermediate School. The eighth graders are using either the Acer C720 or the CTL J2/J4 chromebooks. The seventh and sixth graders are using the Dell 3100 series Chromebook. Below are the cost of replacement parts in case there is a repair needed for the physical Chromebook. The cost does not include tax or shipping. If you would like to purchase the replacement part yourself, order from the links below and have your student bring the replacement part in and the technology department can install the replacement. (Prices below tend to change.)
Acer C720
Screen $38.99
Screen $62.50
Keyboard $29.00
Trackpad $5.00
Dell 3100 Series
Screen $49.99
Keyboard $79.00  
Trackpad $29.99
Power Cable 
Dell 3100 Chromebook Replacement $230.37
Students will be provided a temporary replacement while their Chromebook is being repaired.

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