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PLESD new online re-registration opens August 1st!

At the beginning of each school year parents receive what we call “The First Day Packet.”  The first day packet includes an emergency card for you to update, technology authorizations, photo authorizations, transportation information, etc.  Basically filling out and returning this packet re-registers you for school.  In order to make things more convenient for you we have taken the majority of the re-registration process and put in online.  This new system will allow you review and update most of your information from your home and have it done prior to school starting.  

The program you will use to update and review your information is called Parent Portal.   Parent Portal will be available for you to start updating your information on August 1st and will close August 13.  Please have all of your information updated within that time frame.    

Many of you already have a Parent Portal account so the process should be simple.   Simply log in and you will see a message at the top of the screen prompting you to confirm your data.  If you do not have an account an email will be sent to you on July 31st with a username and password to help you get started.   

If you have any questions or experience trouble logging in please contact Jason Hofhenke, Director of Student Services at 743-4428 ext. 743

Enrollment Information


Student registration for students new to the district for the 2017-2018 school year begins on March 6, 2017.

  • For TK & Kindergarten Registration Click Here for Online Enrollment
  • For new students, please Click Here to go to our Online Enrollment.
  • Students currently enrolled in PLESD do not need to enroll again. 
For questions regarding registration you may contact the District Office at;
Phone: 530-743-4428

New Student Enrollment Requirements

Proof of Residency Acceptable Documents

A. ONE of the following:
  1. Monthly Mortgage Payment OR
  2. Valid Lease or Rental Agreement (all pages) OR
  3. Monthly Space Rental Bill (Mobile Home Park)
       No Mortgage: Submit ONE of the following:
  1. Yearly Tax Assessment Post Card
  2. Bi-annual Property Tax Bill

B. ONE of the following original Utility Bills:
  1. Current PG&E bill OR
  2. Current garbage/water bill
* Current bills should not be more than 90 days old.

C. ONE of the following if parent/legal guardian is not property owner or primary renter:
  1. Original paycheck or pay stub issued by employer
  2. Correspondence from government agency (WIC, Medi-Cal, Social Security, Unemployment)
  3. Valid vehicle registration (not pink slip)
  4. Current monthly bills (bank loan, credit card, physician/dental statement, bank statement)
  5. Or to be determined by District Office Representative. District Office has the right to accept alternative forms of proofs of residence on a case by case basis.
Click here for Affidavit of Residency

Proof of Age Requirement

  • Original Birth Certificate (Born in USA)
  • Lost birth certificates can be ordered from the County Recorder’s Office in County of birth.
  • Passport (non-USA birth)
  • Certificate of Live Birth – State Issued

Proof of Immunizations Requirement

  • Polio: Age 4-6: 4 doses, 3 ok if one given after age 4: age 7 and older: 4 doses, 3 ok if one given after age 2.
  • DTAP/DTP/DT: AGE 4-6: 5 doses, 4 ok if one given after age 4. Age 7 and older: 4 doses, 3 ok if one given after age 2.
  • TDAP: 7th grade: 1 dose, must be given after age 7.
  • MMRage 4-6: 2 doses, must be given after age 1. Age 7 and older: 1 dose must be given after age 1. 7th grade: 2 doses must be given after age 1.
  • Hepatitis B: age 4-6: 3 doses
  • Varicella: age 12 and below: 1 dose 13 years and above 2 doses.
*Unless a valid medical or personal beliefs exemption is submitted.

Click here for California State Required K-12 Immunization Requirements
Click here for Parent's Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry
Click here to view Yuba County Child Health & Disability Prevention Program (CDHP)

Proof of TB Risk Assessment

Required for TK or Knew students, or returning students if traveled outside of Yuba County for 12 months or more. Santa Clara County TB Risk Assessment form must be filled out and signed by medical provider in USA within 12 months of school entry.
If Assessment is positive – medical provider may recommend either one of the following tests which need to be complete before registration:
  • IGRA Blood test results: negative or positive (repeat if test indeterminate)
  • TTD/PPD skin test, which must indicate: 1) Date given, 2) date read, 3) results in mm, 4) positive or negative, 5) Medical Provider’s signature or stamp.

TB Risk Assessment for School Entry Form

TK/Kinder Physical Exam (CHDP)

TK and Kinder Requirement: The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) exam should be performed by your child’s doctor on or after February 17, 2017 (6 months prior to first day of school).

New 1st Graders must have a completed CHDP exam on or after February 17, 2016 (18 months prior to the first day of school).
No Health Insurance? Call 1-800-689-6669 for free CHDP Info.

Click here to download Report of Health Examination for School Entry

TK/Kinder Oral Health Exam

TK-Kinder requirement and 1st Graders with no previous school experience: The Oral Health Exam can be performed by your child’s dentist up to 12 mos. prior to school entry and the completed Oral Health Assessment Form is due to your child’s school no later than the first day of school: August 17, 2017.

NOTE: Enrollment is not complete without these documents.

Oral Health Assessment Form
Yuba County Denti-Cal Providers 

Additional Information

  • Enrollment is completed at your resident/home school as determined by your address. 
  • PO Boxes and business addresses may not be used as your student’s residential address. 
  • Additional proofs of residency or forms may be required based on specific living conditions and all documents submitted must be current and valid. 
  • Any required Affidavits must be completed at your home school before enrollment is complete. Your student will be enrolled after completing and submitting online registration and/or after all of the above requirements have been verified at your home school office.