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Dear Parent or Guardian,


As many of you know, California's budget crisis has affected the Plumas Lake Elementary School District to the tune of $1.5 million worth of cuts in the last 15 months. The district has gone through a budget process that has included a Budget Committee, parent and staff surveys, parent and staff forums, and many open School Board Meetings. Through this process one of the recommendations that the board has accepted is to charge students to ride the bus to and from school.


In the State of California, regular school bus service is not required or fully funded by the state. In fact PLESD contributes close to $100,000 above and beyond what the State gives us for transportation each year. Because school districts that choose to provide buses must use classroom funds to cover the cost, many districts have eliminated service, reduced service, and / or implemented parent pay programs to help keep limited bus service available to the students.


In an effort to reduce the impact of classroom dollars used to provide school buses, the Plumas Lake Elementary School District is implementing a fee based program for home to school transportation. While the fee doesn't cover the actual cost, it helps limit the classroom funds used to provide transportation.


For the safety of our students, all students will be required to carry a bus pass daily in order to board the bus.  Bus passes identify the student, and insure that the student is being picked up and dropped off at the appropriate location. Students who qualify for free or reduced meals will be eligible for free or reduced bus passes.


You may contact our office at (530) 742-0981 or or

myschoolbucks dot com

When pulling up to a School Bus with flashing red lights you must always come to a complete stop until the red lights stop flashing.

A schoolbus



For information on transportation issues, please contact Terry Biladeau, Director of Maintenance, Operations & Transportation at or Anthony Hernandez at .


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