Plumas Lake Elementary School District

Farm to School Program

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Sliced Kiwi fruits.
Farm to School brings healthy food from local farms to school children nationwide.  See how Plumas Lake is providing our students locally grown items.
Green wheat plants
Dulai Farm

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Fresh from Gridley, California, delicious kiwis from Dulai Farms!
In October, 2014, we got a chance to check out the kiwi packing from our local vendor.  Our kitchens have been receiving kiwis from Dulai Farms for the past couple of years.  Kiwis are kind of egg-shaped, covered in brown "fur," and are bright green inside.  Kiwis grow on vines, and are harvested in the fall.
Tri-L Mandarin Ranch

Tri-L Mandarin Ranchtitle

A wonderfully fresh winter citrus!
Our schools get a fresh burst of orange color and flavor through November, December and beyond from Tri-L Mandarin Ranch in Oroville, California.  Fruit is picked fresh, packed, and delivered to us by Farmer Lou himself!
Tri-L Mandarin Ranch is a founding partner of the Feather River Gold Mandarin Coop.  Tri-L has a lovely orchard (pictured below) producing mandarins bursting with flavor!  Farmer Lou hand-delivers our school's mandarins each Friday through the peak season.  These sweet treats are a definite favorite among the Kitchen Team, and the student's can't get enough of them!  
Mandarins are great additions to breakfast, make a perfect "grab'n'go" snack, and are a bright option for after-dinner treats.
Check them out online by clicking here!