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March 2020 Bond Measure

March 2020 Bond Measuretitle

Plumas Lake is once again growing. In the last two full school years, 222 houses have been built and enrollment has increased by 111 students in our elementary schools. Since July 2019, 158 housing permits have been pulled and those homes are currently being built. PLESD has room for the students that these houses will bring to Plumas Lake. If growth continues at this pace, PLESD could be close to capacity at the two elementary schools soon. This brings about the need for a 4th Plumas Lake school. The current Middle School, Riverside Meadows, was designed to be an Elementary School facility, including a Kindergarten wing and primary playground. It makes the most sense to build a true middle school and convert the Riverside Meadows site back to an elementary school. In November 2019, the PLESD School Board voted to place a bond measure on the March 3, 2020 ballot.
Bond 75-word Statement:
“Shall the measure to construct a new middle school on prepurchased land to serve a growing student population with space for science, technology, math, art, music and sports, authorize Plumas Lake Elementary School District to issue up to $30,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, levy on average $0.07/ $100 of assessed value, generating $1,500,000 annually while bonds are outstanding, with strict accountability including annual audits and no money for salaries, be adopted?”
Ballot Argument In Favor of Measure M
Vote Yes on Measure M and give our local children a designated Middle School.
Plumas Lake Elementary School District (PLESD) will need a fourth school due to the continued growth of our community. Our existing schools are reaching capacity and will not have enough space to accommodate the growing student population.  Measure M will provide our youth with a dedicated Middle School centrally located in Plumas Lake. This will avoid overcrowding at our two designated elementary schools, and will allow Riverside Meadows Intermediate School to return to the K-5 school as originally designed.
Middle school students need a true middle school that will support science, technology, math, art, music and sports programs that will prepare students to thrive in a competitive world.  A dedicated middle school curriculum and facility are essential for preparing students for high school.
PLESD is a high performing school district that continually has the strongest test scores in the area. A strong school system is an important component of keeping housing prices higher than neighboring communities and making Plumas Lake a desirable location to live. Overcrowded classrooms and school sites could jeopardize the strong academic program PLESD currently offers.
Facts to know about the proposed 6-8 grade Middle School:
  1. The land is already owned by PLESD
  2. The designated space will have enough land for sports and outdoor activities that will be utilized by the area.
  3. Money from the Measure can not be used for administrators' salaries or pension.
  4. All funds would benefit kindergarten through eighth grade students that reside in the Plumas Lake Elementary School District.
  5. The regional park will be adjacent to the Middle School.
  6. There is currently no other funding source that can pay for this project.
Ballot Argument Against Measure M
No Argument Against was filed.  
For full ballot language and tax rate statement-
Future Facilities

Future Facilitiestitle

In 2012, Plumas Lake Elementary School District, Wheatland High School District, Yuba County, and OPUD worked together to purchase 100 acres of land in the middle of Plumas Lake. The plan is as Plumas Lake begins to once again grow, we will need additional facilities and the price was right to buy at the time. The organizations will split the land up as follows: 25 acres of land will be used to build a middle school, 50 acres will be used to build a high school, and 25 acres will be used for a community park.

This land purchase was done with the future in mind. The breaking of ground on either of the two school sites will not come for some time. The earliest estimates would show a need in 5-7 years.

We are proud of the teamwork that it took to make this happen and look forward to many positive years of working together in the future.
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